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Leasing A Residential LP Gas Tank: FAQs

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LP gas, which is also referred to as propane, is one of the common forms of home heating fuel. If you do have a propane system in your home, having a storage tank for the gas you need is only logical, but not everyone will want to go out and buy their own tank. Thankfully, you can lease an LP gas tank so you have a place to store a large amount of heating fuel right there on your property. Take a look at some of the more common questions customers tend to have about the process of leasing an LP gas tank. 

Who do you lease an LP gas tank from?

In most cases, you will be able to lease a storage tank or cylinder from the company that supplies you with LP gas. Some propane providers actually work with a third-party tank distributor to get you the tank that you need for fuel storage, but even in these cases, the gas company most often takes care of the leasing terms for the tanks. 

What are some of the terms and conditions that come along with leasing a tank?

If you do lease a tank, you can expect there to be certain terms and conditions that you must abide by while the tank is on your property, and these terms and conditions are not all that difficult to follow. It may be outlined in the lease agreement that you:

  • Always allow access to the tank for repairs and maintenance
  • Never alter or damage the tank while it is on your property
  • Follow safety guidelines associated with having the tank on your property

The LP tank will occasionally have to be checked to ensure the pressure gauges and seals are in good working order, so it is also usually required that you do not block the tank in or lock it up in any way. 

How are you charged for leasing the propane tank?

If you get your tank from the LP gas company, you will likely be charged a small monthly fee for leasing the tank. Some companies will bill for the lease quarterly or even a few times a year just to simplify things. With some companies, you can get the tank lease for free if you buy so many gallons of LP gas every year, which is a good way to save some money on leasing costs. 

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