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Packaging Errors That Threaten Your Wallet And Reputation

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Your products may have started as something you made for family or friends, only to slowly expand into a real business. Your primary concern is likely still your products, and packaging is a simple afterthought. However, your mindset has to be adjusted if you want to run a reputable, high-profile, highly profitable business. 

The wrong packaging could give new customers the wrong idea about your company and can threaten your reputation and future business prospects. It may also be an unnecessary money drain. What aren't you doing well with packaging?

1-Unnecessary Packaging

In an effort to seem luxurious, your packaging may be much more wasteful than important to the customer. For instance, if you can neatly position a product in plastic wrap, using cardboard to fashion an exterior box and make the overall product bigger could be unimportant and unnecessary. In fact, you may get notes from customers about how bulky and wasteful the packaging is.

2-Poor Visibility of Product

There are some products that don't necessarily need to be seen while in their package. Reams of paper, for example, don't need a little picture window so that customers can inspect the paper. Other products, however, benefit from visibility. Food, in particular, should be visible to people so they can evaluate freshness and other factors. Don't know if customers prefer to see the product clearly inside packaging? Survey them or do a target group test to see which your prospective customers prefer.

3-Improper Protection

If your products contain food, porcelain or any other "precious cargo," proper cushioning and protection is vital. No one wants to receive something in the mail that's completely damaged. While you cannot control the way your mail carrier handles your products, it's your responsibility to assume rough transport. Send products to yourself to better understand what materials best allow your products to remain in position and unbroken. You may need to use packaging with firmer, molded plastic, for instance.

4-Overly-Busy Labels

You may place labels on packages to display company name and other details. When you pack the label with pictures and too much text, that can seem unprofessional. Direct people to your site and keep text on the physical label sparse.

Your packaging design and construction should reflect your company as a professional, knowledgeable one. Avoid these errors; your customers will view you more positively and could become part of a long-term loyal base of customers who are impressed with both your products and packaging.

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