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Three Reasons Why You Might Want To Buy An Industrial Crane For Your Auto Shop

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Buying industrial cranes is not just for industrial plants. In fact, a jib crane or an overhead crane can be very useful in your auto body shop. It can help you do a lot of heavy lifting with very little effort. Here are three more reasons why you should buy industrial cranes and install them in your shop.

Jib Cranes Are Perfect for Engine Lifting

A jib crane is a stationary arm crane bolted to the floor. While this may seem disadvantageous, it is perfect for any engine work. The arm of the crane can adjust up and down, while the hook of the crane can lift several tons.

Most car and truck engines are exceedingly heavy, and sometimes the parts of the engine that need repair are deep within the engine block. The crane can be used to connect to a series of chains wrapped around the engine block and looped over the crane's hook to lift the engine out of the vehicle. Additionally, because the jib crane is electrically controlled, no manual work (beyond wrapping chains around the engine) is necessary. The crane quickly and easily lifts the engine out of the way, and suspends it in the air until the technician is ready to put the engine back or place the engine on a work station table nearby.

Overhead Cranes Carry Heavy Objects Around the Shop

Rather than have all of the technicians in the shop throw their backs out lifting heavy car parts, you can install an overhead crane. These cranes can be controlled by remote control boxes on the ground while the objects are lifted and carried through the air to the location where the technician needs them. Additionally, the overhead crane can act as a second technician by holding parts up while the primary technician on the job secures the parts to the vehicle. Imagine how much more efficient your shop will run when each technician can work on a single vehicle by him/herself without a second technician holding parts in place until the parts are secured by the first technician!

Objects such as car doors, engine hoods, windows, windshields, and trunk hoods can all be "air-lifted" around the shop. With a little ingenuity, your overhead crane can be used to position the parts perfectly over the areas of vehicles where the parts will be installed. Lowering the parts carefully down, the technician can align each part just so without having to hold it, hold it up, or hold onto it while securing it. The overhead crane does all of that extra work for the technician. For more information, visit websites like https://amquipinc.com/.