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4 Great Suggestions For Reusing Paper Cores

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If you are at all concerned about the environment, you probably look for ways that you can incorporate the three R's into your lifestyle. In fact, you probably try to reduce, reuse, and recycle, every day.  A few items you probably use on an everyday basis are paper towels, plastic wrap, and toilet paper. If you get to the end of the roll and wonder what to do with the leftover paper core, here are four great suggestions. After all, reusing these hollow cylinder-shaped paper and film cores are a great way to help out the environment.

1. Pen and Pencil Organizer

If you are looking for a creative way to organize the pens and pencils on your desk, making an organizer from a paper core is a great way to reuse it. All you need to do is cut out a circular piece of cardboard and glue it to one end so that it can stand upright. Leave the other end open so you can put your pens and pencils inside. If you want your pen and pencil organizers to look nice, you can paint the inside of the paper core and decorate the outside with wrapping or scrapbook paper.

2. Cord and Cable Organizer

Do you have all kinds of cords and cables that you just throw into a drawer and then when you need to find a particular one, it can be a hassle to untangle them all and sort them out? If so, then why not turn your paper cores into a cord and cable organizer? To make your organizer, you'll need an empty cardboard box, like a shoe box, to put the rolls into. Simply fill the empty paper cores with your cables and cords.

3. Paper Roll Holiday Wreath

If you want a unique-looking holiday wreath, you can make your own out of empty paper cores. For this, you'll need a lot of paper cores, so be sure to start collecting them now. Once you have enough, paint them red, green, or whatever color you want them to be. You can even paint the inside a different color. Glue the rolls together with a hot glue gun in a circular shape (you can make one or two layers) and then hang it on the door with a pretty ribbon.

4. Super Hero Cuffs

Do you have kids who love to pretend they are superheroes? If they are looking for cool-looking cuffs, simply paint your paper cores with the appropriate colors and let your superhero wear them on their wrists.