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Stay On Top Of Maintenance To Keep Your Commercial Heater Operating Costs Lower

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The cost to purchase a commercial heating unit can reach well into the thousands of dollars. If you aren't being mindful of the manner in which you operate and maintain the unit, your maintenance costs might not be too far behind. Learn how you can keep your unit working more efficiently and keep your costs lower.

Change The Filter

In terms of efficiency, it doesn't get any more practical than changing the filter. Changing or cleaning the filter is equally important with a heating unit as it is with air conditioner because it works to keep excess dust, dirt, and other debris out of the unit.

The more debris the filter collects, the harder the unit must work to heat the space, meaning the more likely a failure can occur. The environment in which you are operating the unit, as well as the type of unit you're operating, will determine how frequently you need to change or clean the filter.

Keep All The Registers Open

If you have dead spaces in the building where you don't really have a need for heat, make sure you aren't closing the registers there. In theory, this sounds like an excellent way to save money, but in reality, not only does this not save on energy costs, it can also damage the heating unit.

When the vents are closed, this can cause damage to the blower because it causes the blower to work harder to deal with the excess pressure the closed vents are creating. It's much better to just keep them open.

Don't Forget Inspections

One of the best things you can do to keep maintenance costs lower is to have annual inspections performed on the unit. Heating systems, like most other mechanical systems, have problems that are progressive. This means a small problem can quickly escalate into something more significant and costly.

Take the previous example of the blower, for instance. In the early stages, the blower might just be showing signs of failure, such as burning out, but not complete failure. Having a professional inspect the unit and discover the problem allows you to quickly repair it before it fails. However, without an inspection, the blower will only get progressively worse and fail before you have a chance to repair it. For more information on inspections and maintenance, search online at places like http://www.mercurytecinc.com.

Make sure you're staying on top of the maintenance needs of your commercial heating unit. The more effort you put into taking care of the unit, the longer it will last you and more importantly, the more money you will save.