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Exposing Some Myths Regarding Spray Foam Insulation

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Keeping your home energy efficient will require the use of high-quality insulation. While many homeowners may never need to do anything with their insulation, there are others that may find it necessary to enhance or upgrade their insulation to maximize the energy efficiency and comfort of the house. 

Myth: All Insulation Is the Same

It is a fairly commonly held misconception that all insulation is essentially the same. Yet, this is far from the case as this product can come in a range of styles. While many people may think of the traditional fiber insulation, it is also possible to utilize spray foam. This type of insulation can be much easier to install as it will simply need to be spray in the desired location. Those that are needing to add insulation behind existing walls may find this solution particularly useful as it can be installed by simply drilling a small hole and placing the spray nozzle through it.

Myth: Spray Foam Requires No Skill to Install

While spray foam can be a remarkably easy and efficient insulation option, there are many homeowners that may greatly underestimate the difficulty of installing these products. This can be especially true when installing it behind a wall as you will be unable to see the insulation to know whether enough has been added.

For those that are determined to perform this installation without professional help, it is advised to closely read and follow the instructions from the manufacturer. If you are uncomfortable performing this upgrade, you can hire a technician to perform this upgrade for you for a relatively low cost.

Myth: Spray Foam Insulation Is Always Bad for the Environment

Some homeowners may not want to opt for this type of insulation as they are concerned that it will be particularly damaging to the environment. While it is true that some forms of spray foam can be harmful to the environment, this is not the case for all of them. In fact, it is possible to purchase biodegradable spray foam insulation. This type of insulation is often made from specially treated vegetable fibers and byproducts.

Another concern is that this insulation will require toxic fumes or harmful compressed gasses to be sprayed, but most professional spray foam insulation contractors will use an air compressor for this task. While you should expect this form of insulation to have a higher price, the environmental benefits can far outweigh the inconveniences of paying this higher price.