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Tricks And Tips For Your Slitters: Things You Can Do With Your Slitter Machines That You Should Try

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Slitters, those roller machines in paper making industries, are often used in a very general way. However, there are other things you can do with a slitter machine, and you should definitely give these a try at some point (so long as your supervisor or the company says it is okay). You may even find a more productive means of doing what you do now, with which your boss and the company would definitely be pleased.

Reverse-Roll the Rolls

Since these machines can roll any paper or thin metal sheets forward or backward over a roll, you do not have to use one machine to roll them onto a roll, transfer the roll, and then roll them in reverse to get the material onto the roller with the correct surface facing upward. Instead, roll the material the way that it normally comes off the production line. Then stop and remove the top roll by cutting it free from the middle and bottom rolls. Replace the middle roll with an empty roller, then set the material to reverse-roll over this middle roll. One machine does it all, which means you do not need that second machine to do the second half of the job.

Cut Multiple Roll Sizes Simultaneously

People who spend their days operating slitters get stuck in a rut with cutting specific sizes of paper or metal rolls. Usually, these specifications are one roll cut in half, thirds or fourths. But you have a machine that is capable of so much more than that. You can set the splitter to cut multiple rolls out of a single larger roll, and you can set the splicers and cutter blades to cut a four-inch roll, thirty-six-inch roll, and six-inch roll out of the same larger roll, all at the same time.

It begs the question--why are you not doing this now? If you have orders that request you to cut multiple rolls of the exact same material into multiple widths, but you can save materials, time, and money by just resetting the slitter machine, why would you not? Ask the boss and then make this suggestion.

Cut Metal

Cold rolled steel and hot rolled steel can all be rolled and cut on a splitter. Instead of just using a splitter to roll the steel or other metal, use it to also cut the metal to create smaller, more easily portable rolls. If your company does not do this now but wants to expand, this is definitely a service worth looking into and a better use of a slitter machine. Check out a company like GARDICO Inc for more information.