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The Reasons Your Well Isn't Putting Water Through Your Faucets

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When you have well water and you turn on your kitchen faucet to find nothing coming out, you may wonder what is wrong. In many cases, your well pump may be the trouble. Learning more about the the reasons your well pump may go bad can help you avoid expensive repairs in the future.

Check Your Pump's Power Supply

If your well pump is not getting power to it, it will not work. After an outage, check the main breaker to make sure it is not flipped. if it is, flip it back on and check to see if your pump is working. During power outages, you may use up all the water left in your well's storage tank. If you do not have water after the power comes on, you may need to reset the low pressure switch. The low pressure switch will automatically turn off power to your well pump when water is too law to prevent your pump running and burning out when there isn't enough water to go through it. For these reasons, it is wise to invest in a power back-up generator for your well pump.

Other Possible Problems You May Find With Your Well

Power loss is not the only problems you may experience with your well's pump. The following could be reasons you have no running water:

  • No pressure in the expansion tank: The tank that your well pump fills with water can lose pressure. When this tank loses pressure, it causes the well pump to work harder and more constantly to keep it full. When your well pump is working double time, it can cause the pump's motor to burn out and you will need to replace the well pump.

  • Pressure switch: In some cases, the pressure switch inside the water tank may need to be replaced. If your water has a high sediment level, you could need to replace the low pressure switch due to being clogged. Experts recommend changing your low pressure switch regularly for avoiding switch failure issues.

  • Tank replacement: When the water tank experiences problems, it can directly impact the pump's ability to provide you with running water. Tank replacement may be the reason your faucets are turning up nothing.

When you provide regularly scheduled maintenance for your well and all its parts, you reduce the risk of you and your family being without water. For more information, contact David Cannon Well Drilling or a similar company.