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3 Things To Consider Before You Commit To Replacing Your Home Furnace

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Don't rush towards a brand-new furnace for your home just yet. It's highly possible your current furnace can continue to work for you just fine. Before you replace it, check with a professional to see if any of the following things will help instead.

1. Cleaning Your Furnace Can Restore a Lot of Functionality

Your furnace, and HVAC system as a whole, will lose functionality if it's dirty. When dirt clogs the filter dust builds up on the inner workings of your furnace, you will lose efficiency. This loss of efficiency often leads people to believe they have a faulty furnace.

It's worth it to give your furnace a good cleaning before you assume it's not working as well as it used to. You may want to call in a professional service for a deep cleaning of both your furnace and HVAC system. However, here are a few things you can do yourself.

  • Replace the filters
  • Clean the blower
  • Clean the blower motor

You'll also want to clean anything within reach that seems to be accumulating dust and particles. There are a few more things you can and should do as a part of routine maintenance of your furnace. Keep in mind that even if you do replace your furnace, you'll want to keep a maintenance and cleaning schedule anyway.

2. A Repair to Your Furnace May Return it To Good Health

The "repair or replace" dilemma seems to exist for most appliances. Sometimes, a repair can keep your furnace going for a long time. This is especially true if you keep up with cleaning and maintaining your furnace after the repair. Sometimes, a repair is only a temporary fix for a furnace that's failing anyway.

One way to figure this out is to crunch some numbers. If your furnace is old, or near the end of its life expectancy, then a repair is probably prolonging the inevitable.

If your furnace is only halfway through its estimated life, a repair is usually the better option. Of course, knowing the lifespan of your particular furnace may require a professional inspection.

3. Retrofitting Your Furnace Can Make It Seem New Again

Retrofitting a furnace isn't an option that comes up too often. Many people don't even know that it's possible to replace or upgrade certain parts of a furnace to give it added efficiency. For example, you can install an intermittent ignition on a gas furnace so the pilot light won't have to stay on at all times.

You can install quality aftermarket parts that work with your furnace. There are a lot of options, but once again, you should speak to a professional  installer about what's viable for your furnace and what isn't.

Use a Professional Heating Repair and Installation Service

You may decide in the end that you just want a new furnace. Nothing wrong with that. Just make sure you contract a professional heating repair and installation service, such as Sparks Refrigeration Inc, to help you. And remember, even with a new furnace, you still have to consider these three options for keeping that new furnace efficient and in good health.